Convert your Memories to Digital ones and preserve Forever

With the world’s first standalone photo scanner, the BenQ CP70, you can preserve your old photographs as digital images with a resolution of up to 300 x 300 dpi in few seconds! You can share memories with your friends on social networks easily and without delay using a PC, Tablet or other mobile device.

Easy to use, simple to share

You can enjoy digital images with the BenQ CP70 in three easy steps!

1. Insert your memory card and plug in the power adaptor.
2. Push the start button and the scanner is ready to scan.
3. Insert your photos one by one and the images are saved directly to your memory card.

Besides saving your images as files, the BenQ CP70 can be used to directly share the scanned images on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter using a PC or other mobile device. With this function you can easily share your images with everyone everywhere.

The fastest way to make your memories last

Within 10 seconds the BenQ CP70 will finish a scan and convert a printed photo to a digital image. When you need to scan thousands of printed photos to digital, the BenQ CP70 saves you time and keeps your memories forever.

No computer connection needed

A computer connected scanner is no longer needed. The BenQ CP70 will scan and save directly to many different formats of memory card such as SD/MS/MMC/xD. Of course the BenQ CP70 not only supports memory cards, but also comes with a mini USB socket that can be used to connect with a PC or other mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Tablet and your images can be viewed and transferred in any way you wish.

Stylish, Small and Light-weight design

The BenQ CP70 comes in pink and the design is stylish. It looks good when you carry it around! The small and light design makes it easy to carry and scan whenever and wherever you want! It is the most perfect mobile personal photo scanner solution for everyone.

Up to A6 Size with 300 x 300 dpi

Besides saving scanned images as digital format, it's also important to save image as clear as the original. To keep your images clear and sharp, BenQ CP70 provides 300 x 300 dpi resolution which is ideal for a print up to A6 size. It can preserve your old photos forever without loss of quality.

Ensure better quality

To ensure scan quality, BenQ CP70 comes with a set of accessories to ensure scanning is done correctly. There is an anti-curl sheath that can be used with your originals to eliminate the possibility of out of focus scanning due to uneven surface of curled photos. If a scanned image looks fuzzy, insert the supplied calibration card to reset the sensor and get back the original precision. There is also a sensor cleaning swab that will help you clean the sensor to maintain scan quality.

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